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(The Lost City of Coral Reef)


An ancient coral reef city recently discovered off the shores of Doha, Qatar.


The rich variety of forms and shapes of corals and coral reefs.


EXTERIOR:  Mysterious and Captivating
Conceived as a bridge-like coral reef interspersed with a variety of stylized “corals”, the proposed aquarium emerges from the water as a striking living sculpture.  A seemingly random mix of clear and translucent portholes, based on location and function, adds interest and mystery to the main exterior shell.


Positioned on an elevated pond, a futuristic IMAX globe surrounded by a ring of “corals” completes the dramatic massing composition.

Situated along the waterfront, the large iconic “vertical coral” which houses a dramatic aviary, is intended to allude to a lighthouse.

TRANSITION:  Memorable Crossing
Upon arrival, visitors embark on canoes that transport them to the signature entrance of “The Lost City of Coral Reef”  – a fitting transition to the deep sea.  For those who prefer to remain on dry land, a radial boardwalk following the edge of a graceful, low waterfall leads to the entrance as well.


A striking colorful LED display board highlights the exterior entry archway, welcoming the “adventurous seafarers”.


INTERIORS:  Flowing Spatial Experience
The overall interiors, recreating the dynamic, fluid folds of corals and coral reefs, transport the visitors through a breathtaking “underwater world”:  Multi-level, interconnected spaces surrounded by dazzling glow-in-the-dark displays. (bioluminescence).

CAFES AND RESTAURANTS:Conveniently situated at various levels, these areas offer dramatic views towards the atrium and the sea beyond.


Anchored by a dramatic, three-story-high cylindrical fish tank (featuring pearl diving exhibition shows), the flowing exhibit paths allow guests to discover the endless variety of sea life, from small fish tanks displaying the tiny shrimp krill at the Upper Level galleries to the large spectacular tanks featuring beluga whales, dugong, and whale sharks at the Undersea Level.  A unique exhibit will highlight a selection of the 165 fish species in Qatar.


A scenic walk along a mangrove forest and a recreated alligator habitat culminates in a tour around a totally unexpected, soaring aviary.

A two-level dolphinarium and a state-of-the-art IMAX

- A ballroom located below sea level with dramatic large windows looking into the actual sea
- A venue for special gatherings looking into the dolphin pool
- A children’s interactive discovery space

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